How To Use A Break Cue

A break cue is a pool stick designed for increased efficiency when taking the initial shot of a game and "breaking" the rack of balls to scatter them. Some people use a break cue just to avoid the stress on their regular pool stick. Others realize that breaking is a completely different shot than is otherwise used in pool and therefore choose a break cue that is more specialized to scatter the balls as much as possible.

  1. Purchase a break cue suitable to your personal style. There are two schools of thoughts. A lighter break cue allows more follow-through and greater cue ball speed, while a heavier model provides more power. It's a matter of personal preference. The break cue should also have a larger, flatter tip, which helps minimize the chance of a miscue, i.e., messing up the break by not making sufficient contact with the cue ball.
  2. Chalk the tip of the break cue thoroughly by grinding the chalk cube into the tip of the break cue. You can fine-tune the chalking process with smaller, sketching movements to fill in any missed areas.
  3. Chalk your bridge hand--the hand that supports the tip of the break cue. Although cue chalk increases grip onto the cue ball, hand chalk reduces it, allowing for a smooth glide of the break cue between your support fingers.
  4. Set your preferred hand bridge to support the tip of the break cue behind the cue ball.
  5. Draw the back hand as far back as is comfortable. This generally will be further than normal shooting requires.
  6. Thrust forward forcibly with the break cue, using your entire body behind the strike to project the break cue into the cue ball, which should break into the rest of the balls and scatter them.

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