Where to Grip the Pool Cue

The answer to this question will be different for every pool player and will depend on the length of the pool cue you use to play. The more important thing is to find the pool cue balance point so you know where the cue should be gripped.Pool Cue in Hand

To find the balance point, take your index finger and balance the pool cue stick on it so that it teeters on its own. Once it is balanced, take a mental note of the point on the cue stick where your finger was holding it and use this as your balance point or reference point. However, depending on how tall you are, you should grip the cue at least six inches back from the balance point towards the butt end of the cue stick. Shorter players should place their grip hand slightly closer to the balance point we found earlier, while taller players should put their gripping hand a greater distance away from the balance point.

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