Bumper Pool Rules

Bumper pool is a form of obstacle billiards which is played on a specific bumper pool table. Bumper pool tables are typically octagonal in shape, or sometimes rectangular, with a pocket centered on each end. These rules are the rules for bumper pool as of April 2008.

House rules play large factor in the game of bumper pool. In fact House rules determine the length of time that winners may continue playing. Typically bumper pool is played by either two players, or four players in pairs of two.

Each team or player has five white balls and five red balls. One of each of those colors is intended to be the cue ball. In order to set up a game of bumper pool, according to the bumper pool rules, players place two red balls on each side of the white cup. Conversely, the other player's white balls are placed in the same position around the red cup.

To begin both players aim for the Mark ball the same time with the goal of hitting the first side cushion, and banking the ball into his or her colored cup. Whichever player successfully plays his or her ball either into, or closest to his or her cup, is the player who may shoot again. Typically bumper pool rules indicate that a marked cube all must be pocketed initially. If this is not done and the player sinks another ball before his or her marked object ball is successfully potted, the opponent may remove two of his or her own balls and drop them into the offending players cup. If both marked balls are pocketed within the same stroke, then each player may take one of his or her remaining object balls and spotted in front of the cup. Once each player's balls have been spotted in front of the cup, players both shoot at the same time, similar to what they did with their marked object balls. At this juncture, each player takes their turn beginning with the player who pockets his or her ball, or who brings their ball to wrest closest to their cup.

Should a player calls the ball to leave the table that player's opponent is allowed to place that ball anywhere he or she wishes on the playing surface of the bumper pool table. The opponent may also remove up to two of his or her own object balls from the table and relocate them into his or her pocket.

When a player sinks his or her own colored ball in his or her own colored coup, he or she receives another shot.

When opponents ball is sunk accidentally, no penalty shall be incurred. However, in such cases that opponent may place his or her ball anywhere on the table here she so desires. Additional to this, he or she may remove two of their own balls from the table and drop them into their cup.

It is illegal to perform jump shots causing balls to propel over bumpers. The penalty for this action is the same as in a paragraph above.

In addition to the above fouls there are numerous other technicalities that a player can perform while playing bumper pool, according to bumper pool rules.

  1. If a player strikes their opponents ball off of the table, the ball Shiller replaced in its original position, and that player shall place one of their balls in the center of the bumpers at the center of the table.
  2. Should you strike your own ball off the table. It shall be replaced in the center of the bumpers at the center of the table.
  3. Any ball scored that belongs to an opponent shall be scored in favor of the opponent.
  4. If a player uses an unmarked ball before scoring their spotted ball, then all balls distributed, must be placed in their original position.
  5. Before shooting any other balls the player must strike and scored his or her object ball.
  6. If the shooting player sends their own ball into an opponent scoring hole, the opponent may drop any two balls by hand for his score.
  7. If a player scores any ball before his or her own spotted ball, the opponent drops any of his or her to balls, by hand, for his or her score.
  8. A player loses the game when he or she scores his or her last ball in opponents hole In order to win the game of bumper pool, according to bumper pool rules, one player must think all five of his or her balls. The only other way to win the game of bumper pool is if the opponent forfeits.
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