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Hi-Lite Manufacturing H-5003/73-D Pool Table Light

Product Num: 5003/73-D

Manufacturer: Hi-Lite

Product Numbers: 5003/73-D-BR47/24, 5003/73-D-BK01/24, 5003/73-D-11/24, 5003/73-D-GN20/24, 5003/73-D-BR47/44, 5003/73-D-BK01/44, 5003/73-D-11/44, 5003/73-D-GN20/44, 5003/73-D-BR47/55, 5003/73-D-BK01/55, 5003/73-D-11/55, 5003/73-D-GN20/55, 5003/73-D-BR47/NONE, 5003/73-D-BK01/NONE, 5003/73-D-11/NONE, 5003/73-D-GN20/NONE

Was: $291.90
Now: $262.71
You Save: $29.19
Made in: U.S.A
Height: 11''
Width: 14''
Length: 60''
Bulbs: 3Med
Wattage: 100W

*This item is not eligible for free or discounted shipping offers. 
**This item is custom made to order and can take 3-4 weeks to ship.