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Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard
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Manufacturer: GLD Products

The Viper 787 offers 241 choices.  With this many options there will be something to please everyone.  Take this board with you for fun everywhere.  Battery operated for convenience and transferability.


  • Regulation 15 1/2" target face
  • Concave segment holes
  • Eliminate score button
  • Missed darts catch ring
  • Battery operated (4 AA not included)
  • Double or single bulls option, 25/50
  • Auto point per dart averaging/ 01 games
  • Quick play buttons for cricket and 01 games
  • Voice prompt for next player/remove darts
  • Front mounting for easy hanging
  • Missed dart button
  • Auto player change
  • Auto player ranking
  • Single/double in/out option
  • Bounce out button
  • Adjustable sound button
  • Cricket and 301 buttons
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • 6 free darts
  • Extra 2BA tips
  • Game manual
  • Adapter sold separately

Adapter 42-9990 (click number to buy)

  • 9 volt DC 300 mA
  • Negative to positive

Dimensions - 23 1/2"H x 19 1/2"W x 1 9/16"D
Number of games - 43
Number of options - 241
Number of players - 16
Display - 4 person LCD cricket display
Spider - Ultra thin

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Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard Reviews
    • Reviewed By: Eugene Mar 22, 2016
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • I have only had it about a week or two to three hours a day no problems reading it sound is a little quiet
    • Reviewed By: Gary Apr 22, 2013
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4 Ranking 4
    • I would have given this board a 5 star. But the sound quality has to be better. Other than that board is great. I chose this board mainly for the color. I think red yellow and black suck. But overall a good quality board for the price!
    • Reviewed By: Brittany Jan 3, 2012
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • This dartboard is great! I didn't know what to get my dad for Christmas but he has a steel tip dartboard that's so old that it doesn't get used. This was a great buy! The price was great and the dartboard was more than I imagined! I would order more from darting.com! - Just remember to also order the ac adapter because it comes just battery operated otherwise. I think a one time $10 charge is well worth it. Thank you!
    • Reviewed By: Kathy Nov 9, 2011
    • Rating: Ranking 1 Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4
    • Do not waste your money. If you are looking for a board with good quality sound level and sharp lighting, then don't buy this board.
    • Reviewed By: HOLMAN Sep 7, 2010
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4 Ranking 4
    • We love our new Viper 787. We play at work everyday.The only problem is the voice is not loud enough(we work in a shop).
    • Reviewed By: Justin Jun 21, 2010
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • Awesome awesome awesome! Can change bull to single/double option. Very good price as well.
    • Reviewed By: Justin Jun 6, 2010
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • Everything that I'm looking for and a great price. I like it so much I'm ordering another one for a different room!
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