Equipment & Supplies

Some players chose to use some fancy pieces of equipment when playing pool and like most billiards equipment, these items to have many styles and colors to chose from. Whether it may be a shot glove, chalk or repair parts, everyone's style is different.  Here is a list of a few of the items you may need to play the game of pool.  Some are essentials, some are luxuries.

Pool Cues

Pool cues come in many styles, colors, themes, sports teams or even made to a customers needs. They come in different weights and can either come as a one piece or even in two pieces depending on the style of the player or what it is being used for.

Billiard Balls

Without the balls, we woud not be able to play the game of pool. The only problem with pool balls is that they cannot be changed in color except if you are playing a different type of billiards game. But on the upside, pool balls can be custom made.

Pool Tables

There are several types of pool tables and yes vendors to, but not everybody wants a plain and dull pool table. Yes like the equipment, pool tables can be custom crafted or made to customer specifications.

Pool Cue Cases

Pool Cue Cases are used for a player's pool stick and other equipment. These cases are made form leather and or if being made specially (depending on the manufacturer you can them made to your requests or desire). Cases are generally made from leather or a type of synthetic leather.

Pool Cue Shafts

Pool Cue Shafts are generally made out of several types of wood such as; Red Ivory, Ebony, Brazilian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Blackwood, Olive wood, Zircote, Bocote and plus many more exotic woods. Sometimes the smaller and less inexpensive cues can also mean quality so don't shy away from a good deal ask questions or do some research before purchasing a new billiards cue.


Chalk is used to increase the friction between the stick and the cue ball. Chalk is generally made from limestone or a limestone/talc combination. It can come in many forms and colors.

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